Master the Art of Sushi with the Ultimate Best Sashimi Knife Guide

Need a sashimi knife for making Japan’s greatest delicacy at home?

Sashimi, a traditional Japanese food, is a dish where presentation is just as important as taste.

But you need a good quality knife for sashimi that can cost quite a bit of money. And picking out the best sashimi knife (called “Yanagi Ba” in Japanese) for your uses can be a little daunting.

Don’t worry.

We drew up a list of 10 models that may help you to find the right one.

Stay along with this sashimi knife review to get all the nitty-gritty of each model.

Editor’s Choice

If you’re in the market for a great Yanagi knife, we recommend the DALSTRONG – Yanagiba knife from Phantom Series.

It’s an elegant looking, perfectly balanced, and mercilessly sharp knife that offers exceptional performance. Importantly, it holds the sharpest edge that helps you serve top tier sashimi and sushi.

The blade is precision-forged from a single piece of Japanese AUS-8 steel that features hand-polished spine, and ergonomic bolster. It offers unmatched cutting performance due to the high-carbon, stainless blade construction which maintains superior edge retention.

What’s more, it has a traditional Japanese D-shaped Spanish pakkawood handle. It’s laminated and hand-polished to ensure comfortable grip with exceptional durability.

DALSTRONG offers a lifetime warranty guarantee against manufacturing defects in material and construction.

Best Budget Pick

If you’re on a budget but still looking for a good-quality sashimi knife, our recommendation is Kai Wasabi 6721Y Yanagiba Knife.

This traditional Japanese blade styling has a single-beveled and 16-degree cutting edge for producing ultra-thin slices for sashimi and sushi. The grazed finish adds beauty with simple elegance and enhanced resistance to corrosion.

The polypropylene handle has antibacterial properties, which is great for sanitation during food preparation.

Best of all, it’s a really authentic Yanagib knife that is handcrafted in Japan.

You can’t go wrong with it.

10 Best Sashimi Knives- Comparison Chart

If you’re in a hurry and just want the best knife for sashimi, see here for our 10 favorites.

Product NameBlade length (inch)Blade MaterialsHandle Materials
DALSTRONG  Phantom Series   9.5Japanese High-Carbon – AUS8 Steel  Spanish black pakkawood
HIROSHI Premium Sushi & Sashimi Chef’s Knife8Damascus steel  Handle      Solid wood  
Kai Wasabi 6721Y  8.25Daido 1K6 high-carbon, stainless steel  polypropylene
Mercer Culinary M24010PL (Asian Collection)  10high-carbon stainless German steelWood
Cangshan J Series 62793 Sashimi Chef Knife12Japanese VG-10 Damascus SteelAfrican Blackwood  
Japanese Cutlery SETO Traditional Elite series8Forged VG-10 Stainless Steel Core / Damascus 33 LayersBlack pakkawood w/ Red Sandalwood bolster  
TURWHO Slicing Knife  8Japanese 67 Layer VG-10 Damascus Steel  Military-grade  G-10  
Global Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer, G-47      10high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steelStainless-steel
Yoshihiro Shiroko Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife,
10.5High Carbon White Steel #2  Rosewood
JapanBargain 1560 Sushi-sashimi Chef Knife11.75High Carbon Stainless SteelWood

Best Sashimi Knife Reviews of Our 10 Top Recommended Models

To recommend the best- performance sashimi knife for the money, we’ve researched and tested more than 100 models of different knife brands.

Finally, we’ve shortlisted 10 models of the best-selling knife from top-rated brands. While listing, we’ve also taken into consideration the reviews of regular users and experienced chefs.

Here is the final list of the best models that you can grab your hands on at a modest price.

If you’re a sushi or sashimi enthusiast and want to make the tastiest dish right in your kitchen, check these 10 models.

#1 DALSTRONG Phantom Series Yanagiba Knife with Sheath

DALSTRONG PS-9 inch-yanagiba is a superior quality knife at an affordable price. The Phantom Series knife is a statement in beauty, power, refinement, purity, and beauty. And this Yanagiba knife is no different.

This piece is masterfully crafted for perfect balance and super sharpness. It’s a sashimi slicing master.

About the DALSTRONG Phantom Series Blade

The long, narrow blade provides a paper-thin slice of fish without tearing or pulling the flesh.

The blade uses high carbon Japanese AUS-8 steel which is ice-tempered for strength, flexibility, and durability. It’s also nitrogen cooled to give added hardness, toughness, and resistance to corrosion for enhanced durability.

It features a hand-polished spine, and a more nimble design with less blade height for maneuverability. What’s more, this mercilessly sharp blade is carefully tapered for minimal resistance. It also ensures precise and swift cuts with effortless ease.

The hollow ground design helps to prevent friction and food from sticking to the side of the knife.

It’s painstakingly hand sharpened by expert craftsman to 13-15° for exceptional sharpness and edge retention. The ergonomic bolster shape offers a smooth and natural ‘pinch grip.’

About the DALSTRONG Phantom Series Handle

The traditional Japanese D-shaped handle offers excellent comfort by ensuring heaven like grip. It perfectly fits into the palm of your hand.

The hand-polished black Spanish pakkawood handle boasts exceptional durability. It’s also laminated for the sanitary build. Additionally, the end cap created a counter-balance for comfortable uses.

Furthermore, the distinct mosaic pic adds subtle luxury and refinement to this piece.

And bonus?

A premium-quality polymer Dalstrong DragonLock sheath store the blade safely. Additionally, it has a soft suede interior to protect every inch of the blade.

Finally, Dalstrong offers both a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, so you can buy it risk-free.


  • Well-constructed and highly polished
  • Well-balanced and lightweight
  • Delivers precise cut without damaging the fish flesh
  • Incredible robustness and quality
  • Minimal surface resistance for a buttery smooth cut
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to clean for low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty against defect


  • Designed for right-handed users only
  • Made in Yangjiang China, but it offers the best in all respects.

Bottom line

DALSTRONG Yanagiba knife is designed for durability and maneuverability. It’s an elegant and ruthless sashimi knife of exceptional performance. All in all, it’s one of the best knives for the money. You don’t have to be a professional sushi/ sashimi chef to appreciate the amazing uses and quality of this knife. It’s sure to be an asset and favorite for your sashimi dishes.

#2 HIROSHI Premium Sushi & Sashimi Chef’s Knives (Damascus Steel Red Handle)

Hiroshi chef’s knife is the perfect accessory to prepare sushi and sashimi at home. It’s great for home and professional cooks too.

HIROSHI sashimi knife slices through delicate fish with ease and precision. Of course, you can use it as a general-purpose kitchen knife. It’s a workhorse for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing vegetables and meats. Thanks to its versatile feature.

Most importantly, it’s hand-forged, hand-assembled, and hand-sharpened for precision in a traditional method that involves 40 steps.

About the Hiroshi Blade

Crafted with Damascus steel, the blade’s ultra-hard edge is perfect for even the most delicate tasks.  The blade features high carbon ultra-hardcore and stain-resistant steel.

The 8-inch blade slices through anything like butter. The wide blade makes it easy to transfer ingredients from cutting board to bowl or pot.

Weighing just about 2.6 pounds, this knife is extremely lightweight. It allows you to use it for an extended period and you don’t have to worry about fatigue setting in.

About the Hiroshi Handle

The craftsmanship of the beautiful handle blends seamlessly with the steel blade.

The solid wood construction is durable, comfortable to hold, and looks stunning against the steel blades.

The lightweight and ergonomic design allow you to use it without fatigue.

And guess what?

It comes in a beautiful box with magnetic closure for careful preservation of the blades.


  • Engineered for versatility
  • Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable use
  • Surprisingly very light and razor-sharp
  • Works perfectly for right-handed and left-handed people
  • Handmade in Asia


  • The handle is somewhat rough to hold.

Bottom line

If performance and versatility are your goals, HIROSHI Premium Sushi & Sashimi Chef’s Knife is hard to beat. It’ll offer you excellent value for money. The lightweight design is excellent for them who feel discomfort when using the traditional knife for long periods. The knife is aesthetically pleasing, not to mention a great price. You won’t regret investing in this knife.

#3 Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 6721Y

Kai Wasabi 6721Y offers both elegance and performance. Achieving ultra-thin slices for dishes such as sushi and sashimi is a breeze with this Yanagiba Knife.

About the Kai Wasabi Blade

The traditional blade-style embellishes with the Japanese character for’ Wasabi’.

The Daido 1K6 high-carbon, stainless steel blade offers unsurpassed cutting performance and superior edge retention. The 16-degree cutting edge allows for sharper, smoother cutting abilities.

The unique, single-sided blade design reduces food sticking. Additionally, the blade is bead-blasted to an attractive finish.

About the Kai Wasabi Handle

The handle is unremarkable. It’s made of molded polypropylene strengthened with bamboo powder and infuses with an antibacterial agent for permanently hygienic properties.


  • Superior edge retention
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Dishwasher safe (handwashing recommended)
  • Limited lifetime
  • Made in Japan
  • Affordable price


  • The handle is a bit slimmer compared to knives of similar size.

Bottom line

Kai Wasabi 6721Y Yanagiba is a sharp and sleek knife for any home chef. The blade comes super sharp, and the handle feels nice and slick. The thinness of this knife is helpful in making those really nice cuts. Overall, it’s a great affordable option for anyone who is on the budget.

# 4 Mercer Culinary Yanagi Sashimi Knife, M24010PL (Asian Collection)

The Mercer Culinary Yanagi Blade make food prep more efficient and enjoyable. It glides effortlessly through all meats and vegetables. Its also perfect for filleting fish of all kinds. Importantly, it provides paper-thin slices for sashimi and sushi preparation.

About the Mercer Culinary Yanagi Blade

The high-carbon stainless German steel construction makes this blade rust, corrosion, and discoloration resistant.

It’s single beveled and features a large primary blade bevel that serves to deflect the food slices away from the blade as it is cut.

The blade is long and thin enough to produce very thin slices of raw salmon or tuna.

About the Mercer Culinary Yanagi Handle

The Santoprene handle is non-slip and comfortable to use. It’s perfectly balanced to prevent hand and wrist fatigue when making thin slices for sushi or sashimi and other Asian dishes.

Finally, this knife is NSF certified, meaning it has rigorously tested to certify that it met their standard for performance, quality, and safety.


  • Well-balanced and comfortable to use
  • Sanitation sealed
  • Slip-resistant, safe to use
  • Rust, corrosion, and discoloration resistant
  • NSF certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Designed for right-handed users; difficult to use left-handed
  • Nor dish-washer friendly

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a lightweight and thin sashimi knife at a budget-friendly price, take a closer look at this Mercer Culinary Yanagi Knife, M24010PL.

#5 Cangshan J Series 62793 Sashimi Chef Knife with Walnut Sheath

The Cangshan 62793 Sashimi Chef knife is seamlessly crafted for heavy kitchen use and easy clean-up for sanitary.

It’s exceptionally well-balanced and well-designed to ensure a secure and comfortable hold on the handle. You can use it easily for long durations while cutting and prepping food.

The craftsmanship and quality of Cangshan 62793 ensure that it’s precisely and effectively perform its cutting functions. This knife is handcrafted and hand-sharpened, which makes a beautiful, functional tool.

About the Cangshan J Series 62793 Blade

The 12-Inch blade is perfect for producing paper-thin slices of fish and soft meats for sashimi.

The blade is forged from Japan VG10 steel with a unique, Damascus pattern to ensure stain resistance properties, strength, and durability. It has HRC 60 +/- 2 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale.

The precise ULTRA6 multi-step heat treatment process brings out the blade’s best qualities, allowing it to offer an exceptionally sharp edge. Moreover, the Ice-hardened blade ensures long-lasting sharpness.

About the Cangshan J Series 62793 Handle

The streamlined handle of the Cangshan J Series feels great to grip and hold. It perfectly accommodates a natural and firm pinch grip. Thanks to its unique patented ultra-dense African Blackwood handle.

Wait – there’s more to have…

The sophisticated magnetic American dark walnut wood sheath protects the blade in between uses.

A lifetime limited warranty backs Cangshan Sashimi Chef Knife. So, you can invest in this tool with confidence.


  • Award-winning patented design
  • Handcrafted by smart blacksmiths
  • Incredible edge retention and durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sanitary build, safe to use
  • Long-lasting performance


  • The only downside is it’s made in China but sill excellent quality for the price.

Bottom line

The Cangshan J Series 62793 is an absolutely fantastic Sashimi Chef Knife. It’s great in any situation that won’t disappoint you. Really good value for the money!

#6 Japanese Cutlery SETO Traditional Elite series knife

The SETO knife is made with beauty and elegance. It’s manufactured from the legendary knife and sword manufacturing city of Seki, Japan.

What makes this one of the best Japanese sashimi knives is the premium-quality blade, forged from steel by utilizing classic Japanese techniques.

This SETO Elite series knife has a sophisticated look and refined style. It also performs at an equally high level. This beautiful piece is perfect for both cooks at home and professional chefs.

About the SETO blade

The SETO blade is forged with high-carbon VG-10 steel core, with 33 layers of Damascus. It holds its sharpness for a long time.

The hammered finish adds hardness and strength. It helps to prevent food from sticking to the blade as you’re cutting. It also creates an aesthetic appearance.

About the SETO Handle

The black pakkawood handle is very beautifully made. It’s of traditional D-shaped that looks great with red sandalwood bolster.

The handle is large enough to accommodate different hand sizes and multiple grip placements.


  • Very impressive to look at
  • Well-balanced and sharp
  • Non-stick properties
  • Handle and bolster fit comfortably
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Handmade in Seki, Japan


  • This knife is only for right-handed users.

Bottom line

Japanese Cutlery SETO sashimi knife is visually impressive, sharp, well-balanced, and comfortable to use. If you’re looking for a traditional style Yanagiba knife without breaking the bank, this model is right for you. It’s particularly impressive given its price point.

#7 TURWHO Slicing Knife

This slicing knife gets any slicing done without issue, provided you hit the whetstone occasionally.

The sharp tip of the knife is designed to get into the hard-to-reach areas around a joint of the roast to separate meat from the bone.

It’s flexible enough to produce thinner slices of barbeque, pork, large roast, turkey, ham, and sashimi of Tuna. Of course, you can use it for slicing fruit or cutting vegetables.

About the TURWHO Blade

The VG10 steel core makes this blade incredibly strong to improve the edge’s sharpness for long-time uses.

High quality Japanese 67-layer Damascus steel is further treated with 60HRC vacuum heat treatment to make the TURWHO blade. It’s then nitrogen cooled for enhanced performance.

The blade is thin enough to slide through easily with good tip control. The 16 to 18-degree cutting edge is excellent to offer you super sharpness. The user-friendly unique design of the bolster protects your hands and saves labor.

What’s more, the impressive raindrop pattern on the blade pleases your fun of cooking.

About the TURWHO Handle

The military-grade, ultra-premium G10 handle offers life-long durability. It’s triple-riveted with a stunning mosaic pin.

The ergonomic handle design helps you to hold it comfortably, avoiding the knife slipping your hand. It also lessens your tiredness ad soreness even if you grasp it for a long time.


  • Versatile, flexible and practical design
  • Excellent balance and control
  • Good edge holding
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Ergonomic handle design


  • No issues found

Bottom line

TURWHO 8-inch slicing knife is neither light nor heavy, which means it’s of the right weight and well-balanced. For the price point, this is a pretty and efficient knife with outstanding performance. Overall, it’s a great performer for the price. We’ll recommend it to anyone looking for a decent sushi/sashimi knife.

#8 Global Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer, G-47

Are you looking for a dual-edge sashimi knife for using it on your preferred hand?

Then, look no further than Global G-47 dual-sided Sashimi-YO Slicer.

The only minor concern about most of the sashimi knives is that they are designed for right-handed users. Nevertheless, this Two-Sided Sashimi-YO Slicer works around the clock to ensure that left-handed users enjoy the same privileges.

About the Global G-47 Blade

G-47 blade is made of hard vanadium/ molybdenum stainless steel. The face-ground blade is long-tapered for long-lasting sharpness.

The blade edge is hand-sharpened at a 15% angle for razor-sharpness. The blade is thinner and lighter than traditional European-style knives.

What’s more, this two-sided sharpened sashimi knife is ideal for thinly slicing sushi rolls and fishes. And conveniently, it’s both right- and left hand compatible.

About the Global G-47 Handle

The stainless steel handle of the Global G 47 model is the most striking feature.

The hollow handle is filled with the right amount of sand for well-balanced and comfortable use. It’s molded to fit the hand. It’s also easy for small-handed chefs to grasp.

The dimpled design resists slipping. What’s more, the finger notch between the handle and blade provides safety. No worry, it’s seamless for sanitation.

The no bolster design reduces the overall weight of the knife. Additionally, it allows you to use the full edge and sharpen the full blade without any difficulties.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • No bolster design
  • Precisely balanced
  • Safe to grip
  • Lightweight for more agility and less fatigue
  • Easy to care and sharpen
  • Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage


  • The blade is a bit sticky.

Bottom line

The shape, weight, and length of G 47 are great for sushi and sashimi. Of course, you can use it as a slicer for other meats. Overall, it’s a very well-priced knife of this quality.

#9 Yoshihiro Shiroko Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife, KKYA270SH

Handcrafted by expert artisans with the greatest care, the Yoshihiro Shiroko Chef Knife offers exceptional performance with exclusive value. This knife is excellent for entry and Intermediate level chefs.

The 10.5-inch long, thin blade is specifically designed to produce thin slices of fish for sashimi and sushi. It slices through the food in long uninterrupted strokes, without destroying its freshness and integrity.

About the Yoshihiro Shiroko Blade

The blade is exceptionally forged with white steel. It’s forged with iron to create stunning mist patterns.

With a great hardness level on the Rockwell scale of 62 to 63, it combines optimal edge retention and exceptional sharpness.

It has an authentic and traditional single-edged grind. The extremely sharp blade glides through any type of fish without any use of pressure.

About the Yoshihiro Shiroko handle

The knife features handmade premium D-shaped handle. The rosewood handle is lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit in hand for seamless uses.

Anything else?

It comes included with a protective sheath to protect the blade when not in use. The sheath is made of Magnolia wood for the perfect protection of the knife. It’s moisture-resistant. Most importantly, it contains no strong resins that might cause corrosion in the blade.


  • 100% handcrafted in Japan by master artisans
  • Extremely sharp
  • Exceptional performance
  • Well-thought blade design
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Safe to store when not in use
  • Comes ready to use out of the box


  • Due to the single bevel on the blade, it is suited for right-handed users only.
  • May stain if not dry properly dry after uses.
  • Hand wash only

Bottom line

Yoshihiro Shiroko chef knife is fantastic for sushi and sashimi. It’s artistic, functional, and beautiful. Everything about this knife speaks of its quality and pride in workmanship. All in all, it’s a great deal for the money.

#10 JapanBargain 1560 Sushi-sashimi Chef Knife

JapanBargain 1560 sashimi knife is perfect for different kitchen tasks that require precision. The long and thin blade nicely produces thin slices of raw fish for preparing sashimi and other seafood. It also perfect for cutting large pieces of meats, especially for steaks.

About the JapanBargain 1560 blade

The blade features soft iron construction, which is laminated to high carbon steel for the hardness of the cutting edge and sharpness.

The 11.75-inch long blade allows you to slice through a block of flesh in a single stroke. This prevents zigzag patterns on the slices which creates a serrated cross-section. Of course, the blade is razor-sharp and rust-resistant.

The blade is very thin behind the edge, which means you can cut the ingredient by primarily using the knife’s weight.

The blade’s front bevel and back face are perfectly designed to allow the sliced piece to be easily detached from the blade after cutting.

About the JapanBargain 1560 Handle

The wooden handle offers maximum control and comfort.

The handle has a more acute angle compared to most double beveled knives. Thanks to the concave on the left and bevel on the right side of the handle.

The plastic bolster also reduces the overall weight of this piece.


  • Excellent for handling most of the core of cooking
  • Offers maximum comfort & control
  • Great build-quality and rust-resistant
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Made in Japan


  • It is not recommended for lefties.
  • The extra-long knife is tricky to handle

Bottom line

JapanBargain 1560 sushi-sashimi chef knife is a must-have for every serious chef. The overall quality of the knife is quite satisfactory. To summarize, it’s an immensely satisfying sashimi knife that makes slicing raw fish for sashimi and other chores of cooking a much more pleasant.

What to Look for when Buying the Right Sashimi Knife- Buying Guide

So, which sashimi knife is the best?

When it comes to buying a sashimi knife, there is no such thing as “The best knife for sashimi.” However, there is “The best knife for YOU.”

If it feels right to you, then that is the right cutting partner for your sashimi making process

Keep in mind that it’s not about making the sashimi chef’s or enthusiast’s life easier. The goal of using a sashimi knife is to make the best possible thin slice of raw fish fillet without destroying the natural taste and texture.

The process of finding “the right one” is somewhat tricky. But worry not!

We’ve made this buying guide for you to help to reach the “right one.”

When shopping for the right knife for sashimi, take into consideration the following aspects.

Is it about how you sharpen it?

To cut sashimi ingredients properly, you’ll require an incredibly sharp blade – and this is the first thing you should consider. Regarding the blade – you should note the edge retention and sharpening needs. Look for a blade that rarely gets dull.

Which blade materials do you choose?

It is an important aspect that contributes to the edge sharpness and retention. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and composite steel are the three main materials used to make sashimi knife.

The carbon steel blade offers the sharpest edge possible. Unfortunately, they require the most maintenance and are prone to rust.

Stainless steel blades do not rust, but on the negative side, it does not hold the sharpness as carbon steel or composite steel.

Lastly, composite steel blades hold a sharper edge than stainless steel and are less susceptible to rust. But they are quite costly.

Which materials you opt will come down to your personal preference.

The sashimi knife is specialized in slicing up the raw block of fish and fish fillets. The blade is absolutely the most important feature of the knife. However, a Yanagiba is also perfect for general cooking, especially cutting raw fish.

Do I need a long knife for producing slices for sashimi?

Sashimi knives differ in length from the general kitchen knives. Blade length is also something to consider when looking at the sashimi knife. In general, this type of knife has a single bevel, long and narrow shape.

The single bevel helps you to make a straight incision when you cut fish for sashimi. The long blade is useful to slice the fish with one stroke, and the narrow shape reduces the friction for smooth cuts.

Make sure the blade has the perfect length so that you can make a single smooth movement while making thin slices to keep the meat consistent and even the whole way through.

Is the brand reliable?

Sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish, so there is no wonder why some users pay great attention to the Japanese Sashimi knives which are authentic Japan made. This type of knife that is originated in Japan is considered to be the highest quality. But there are also some Western brands and manufacturers that offer premium-quality sushi and sashimi knife. So, you have many options for brand choice to find the best sushi knife or sashimi knife.

Does the handle feel great in your hand?

The handle material is important for the most convenient and safe usage. It must to comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver. It also should be non-slip, even if your hands get messy and have a strong grip to slice food with it.

Many models come with wood handle, but there is a lot of really great composite handle available. In some cases, composite handles are better than the wooden counterpart. Composite handles are not affected by oil, grease, or splashes and won’t break or crack when exposed to extreme conditions.

Finally, hold the knife and see how it feels in your hand first. Feel the knife’s weight and balance, and see how it feels when you cut ingredients.

Do I need to opt for an expensive sashimi knife?

Sashimi knife prices vs. your budget

A good quality sashimi knife costs quite a bit of money. And picking out the best sashimi knife for the money can be a little daunting for you. You may need to pay a minimum a hundred dollars at the lower end of the price scale for a quality knife. However, there are some mid-priced and budget options to get to use at home.

Buying the right sashimi knife comes down to what you want, need, and can afford.


You want to make sashimi at home because you love making it and eating it. And using the best sashimi knife will add more to the whole experience.

If you opt for the best possible sashimi preparing outcome – you should buy a nice sashimi knife with the perfect length, sharpness, and built-quality.

Hopefully, any of the above- listed knife that we’ve reviewed in our guide will be the right choice for you to meet your needs. They are real-world tested by sushi-sashimi experts. So, there is no chance to invest in the wrong one.

Nevertheless, don’t just trust our expert advice. Grab one from our top-list and experience the difference.

A premium knife and a premium fish may translate into a beautiful, precise slice of fillet that melts in your mouth for a flavor you won’t forget.

Thanks for reading.

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